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Online NTN Verification By CNIC From FBR
Check Online FBR NTN Inquiry

Online NTN verification by CNIC from FBR

Inquiry for NTN verification online via CNIC from FBR can be done, and you can check & verify your FBR NTN number through the FBR e.portal, easily. Using your CNIC number, you can check the National Tax Number (NTN) within 5 minutes, as described under:

  • Visit the FBR website at
  • To search taxpayers, click on “Search Taxpayers”
  • “NTN Inquiry” can be found by clicking the tab
  • Click in the left sidebar on “taxpayer Profile Inquiry” to check the NTN number in Pakistan.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the relevant option.

In the registration field, please enter your Registration Number. (The Number provided by FBR while taxpayers register for National Taxation Numbers (NTN).

  • In the CNIC field, please enter your CNIC number.
  • The captcha should be provided against the “Captcha” field.
  • Once you have provided information, click “Submit”.
online ntn verification by cnic from fbr
Q: How do I verify my NTN online?

Ans: Online NTN verification is the process of verifying the NTN online, with the Federal Board of Revenue.

Q: What is the meaning of NTN?

Ans: The NTN stands for the National Tax Number.

Q: Who is responsible for the NTN verification files online?

Ans: The record of the taxpayers for online NTN verification is maintained by the Federal Board of Revenue.

Q: How long does it take to register for NTN online?

Ans: For the issuance of NTN for an individual taxpayer, FBR offers the online registration facility through its portal, and this can be completed within an hour or two, online. NTNs for AOP (partnership firms) and private limited companies may be issued from FBR once they have been registered with the registrar of firms or the SECP.

Q: What kinds of online NTNs are available?

Online NTN can be classified into three categories:

  1. Individual National Identification Number (NTN): An individual NTN is issued on their CNIC and can be verified through FBR's online NTN system. An NTN may be issued to both salaried individuals and businesses.
  2. Associations of persons (AOP) / Partnerships Firms: This type of NTN is provided to the AOPs. A partnership between at least two individuals is called an AOP. 
  3. Online NTN issued to the company: This type of NTN is issued to the companies. FBR's online NTN verification system also verifies it.

What are the duties of NTN holders?

The primary duty of an NTN holder is to file their annual income tax returns with the Federal Board of Revenue by the due date.

If you have an NTN, the last date for filing your return is 30th September, every year. If you have a company, the last date is the end of September or the end of December, depending on your company’s year-end.